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Birthright Unplugged!

Fowarded from free_palestine

Birthright Unplugged summer dates!

******************PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY*******************

Are you thinking of going to Palestine/Israel this summer?

Are you interested in meeting Palestinian families, activists,
community leaders, and political figures, and learning about life
under occupation?

Are you committed to turning education into action and working for justice?


Join us for a 6-day educational trip through the West Bank to visit
Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps. The trip is designed
to put you in conversation with people who you may not otherwise have
the opportunity to meet and equip you to return to your community and
work for change.

Birthright Unplugged trips will run from JULY 20-25, 2007 and AUGUST
20-25, 2007. Dates are subject to change.

The application deadline is Tuesday, MAY 15, 2007. Trips run every
summer and winter.

While Birthright Unplugged is designed primarily for Jewish people, we
welcome people of all backgrounds on our trips. We also welcome
individuals of all ages, and have traveled with people ages 9-70.

Micah Bazant, summer '06 Unplugged participant, says:
"Through Birthright Unplugged I met some of the most amazing, heroic
and inspiring people I've ever met in my life. I felt my politics
about Israel and Palestine were set before I went on the trip, but
experiencing it first-hand made me understand the realities of
occupation and resistance so much more deeply. The program gave me new
perspective and renewed passion to work for justice in Palestine and
at home in the U.S. It was truly a life-changing experience."

For more information about the itinerary, costs, trip leaders, and
application materials, visit

We look forward to hearing from you!

******************PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY*******************
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