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Happy Passover!

From No Time to Celebrate:

Blog Campaign

Do you have a blog or online journal? Use it to help educate others about the anniversary of the Nakba as part of a month-long “Blog about the Nakba” campaign kicking off this Passover. You can participate in this whether or not you are hooked in with a local group, all you have to do if post Nakba commemoration related content during this time as little or often as you’d like–history, news, links, reflections, or just the text of the “No time to celebrate” statement. Please tag posts with “Nakba” and “no time to celebrate”. Graphics and other materials will be available soon.

While this campaign is targeted towards generating Jewish action, all supporters can spread the word about this campaign online and are encouraged to write their own Naba-related posts as well. If you have friends or acquaintances in the blogosphere that we should talk to, or that you’d like to talk to about participating, please let as know! If you post something, we’d also love it if you’d send us the link. Email all this and any questions to notimetocelebrate (AT) with “Blog campaign” in the subject line.


It would be really, really awesome if people in this community could participate...
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