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Support youth mural artists

Please Excuse xposting

This was fwded to me:

Dear friends and allies,

As you may know, the Anti-Defamation League and the
Jewish Community Relations Council are asking that the San Francisco Arts
Commission force the youth artists of H.O.M.E.Y. to alter or remove the
section of their mural that depicts Palestinian experience and resistance.
The mural is called: "Solidarity-Breaking Down Barriers" and is located in
San Francisco's Mission District on 24th and Capp St.

We are writing to ask for Jewish signatures on a petition that:
1) Supports the mural in its entirety,
2) Clearly states that the JCRC and ADL do not speak for all Jews, and
3) As Jews, we support struggles for self-determination and expression.

If you are receiving this and are not Jewish, we ask that you please forward
to progressive Jews you may know.

To read and sign the petition:

To view images of the mural and JCRC's Letter to the Art Commission:

If you feel so moved (Jewish or not) please write your own letter to the
Arts Commission! Details on petition site.

Many thanks!

In solidarity

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